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Gas Emission Monitoring Systems

Procal exhaust gas analysers and emissions monitoring analyser products are used in a wide range of applications and industries and can be configured to monitor emission and process gas, for both reporting and control requirements.
The list on the left covers a snapshot of the industries and applications where Procal analysers have been deployed. Ranging from conventional coal fired power plant, heavy industry applications, chemical process monitoring through to marine exhaust gas scrubbing implementations and many more. Each section contains details of the application space, case studies of successful deployments and also details of the analysers that are suitable for the specified application.

Extending the Range of Applications for Gas Analysers. 
Many optional accessories are available for Procal analysers. Depending on the size of duct that the analysis is to be conducted in, various flange mounting options can be specified. Combustion gasses are seldom homogenous, their characteristics will vary in terms of gas flow rate, temperature, humidity and make up depending on how the plant is operating. Additional options are available to complement our emissions analysers. For example, the temperature range of the combustion gas may also require optional heaters and/or coolers to be fitted to the analysers. This allows exhaust emissions to be monitored over a wide range of gas temperatures without significant deterioration in analyser accuracy. Another example is or unique ATEX rated analyser range for monitoring of combustion gasses and other regulated emissions in hazardous areas such as refineries or gas compression facilities. 

A Complete CEM system
Procal analysers can be deployed as single, stand-alone CEMS to fully-integrated, plant-wide monitoring and reporting systems. Additionally the Procal 1000 Analyser Control Unit will accept input from third party sensors such as oxygen, gas flow or combustion gas dust/particulate monitors within the exhaust stack.
Find out more about why you should choose Procal for your continuous emission monitoring system or contact us to discuss your requirements.
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