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Radioactive Gas Monitoring

Procal 6000 is an infra-red (IR), duct-mounted multi-component gas analysis emissions analyser designed to provide in-duct analysis of up to six, gas-phase emission components.

It is well suited for stack testing / analysis of corrosive, toxic and, in particular, potentially radioactive gas-phase samples. Under such conditions, the simplicity and reliability of in-duct systems compares very favourably against the higher maintenance requirements and potential contamination issues of extractive systems.   
A typical system comprises a duct-mounted analyser, an replica breitling bentley watches Auto Verification Unit and a Control Unit with options available such as an in situ Heater and a stand-alone analysis software package.

The Procal 6000 analyser operates on the proven single beam, dual–wavelength IR light principle. Mid IR Pulses, at two specific wavelengths per monitored component, are transmitted through the in situ sample cell. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gaseous components being measured while the ‘reference’ pulse remains unaffected. Up to eight wavelengths are available, sometimes sharing reference wavelengths, allowing up to six gas-phase component concentrations to be monitored simultaneously. Uniquely the operation, zero and calibration are "fully challenged" in that all operating modes use only the same optical path and system components as in normal operation. 
Cross sensitivity is minimised by using both Gas Filter Correlation plus an additional check measuring wavelength that is specific to any troublesome sensitivity that may partly occlude that of the measured signal. Signal integrity is maintained over an extended period allowing for minimum intervention under harsh operating conditions.  Diagnostics are constantly monitoring system performance backed by frequent, often daily, auto-zero on low-cost instrument air and periodic calibration.  A rugged principal with a proven track record of reliability and minimum intervention over extended periods of operation.
Feature Benefit
Multi-component Each Procal 6000 can measure up to six components
Direct in situ measurements No requirement for high cost, high maintenance sample handling system, No modification of the sample
Automatic signal verification and recalibration No operator intervention during routine use
Flange-mounted analyser Reduced cost of installation
Low maintenance Reduced cost of ownership
Zero consumables Reduced cost of ownership
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